The Vreeke House is a house in Brantford, New Hampshire. It serves as a vital location in the 2017 Jumanji film, serving as the film equivalent to the Parrish Mansion. It was also known in the original timeline as Freak House by the neighborhood kids.

2017 Film

When Mr. Vreeke found a board game named: "Jumanji", while jogging, he brought it home with him, thinking his son Alex would like it, since he plays games. But Alex was interested in video games, and wasn't interested in board games, and placed "Jumanji" to the side. While Alex was playing video games in his room, "Jumanji" observed this behavior and transformed it's inner game board into a video game cartridge overnight. Alex was awakened by the green lights and examined the new "Jumanji" form, and was instantly drawn to it. When he placed the cartridge into his console and started playing, "Jumanji" took him into it's inner video game world, leaving no trace of him behind.

Because Alex's disappearance was unsolvable, it took a severe toll on Mr. Vreeke's mind and he adopted a stern, unfriendly manner as he quit caring about the conditions of his house or anything else. The house took on a desolate appearance, giving it a spooky outline and gained an unfair reputation as the "Freak House".

Once the five Brantford kids won "Jumanji", Spencer Gilpin, Anthony Johnson, Martha Kaply and Bethany Walker were sent back to Brantford High School, nothing that Alex did not come back with them, worrying that "Jumanji" might have kept him. When the four walked home from school towards the Vreeke House, they were surprised that the once derelict house they remembered had drastically changed. After a car pulled up to the cleaner and more positive Mr. Vreeke, an adult Alex and his kids came into the house for Christmas. The now grown up and happy living Alex explained to the surprised teenagers that he was returned by the game back to his own 1996 timeline and the damage on his family's lives and their house was undone.


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