Van Pelt's Hounds are a duo of ravenous hunting dogs that dell in the dimension of Jumanji. They probably the only animals in Jumanji that are safe from Van Pelt's hunting. The Hounds are trained to seek and hunt whatever they are instructed to by hearing the sound of a horn blown by their master, Van Pelt. However, they could turn on their master if they hear the horn being blown by someone else.


In Law of Jumanji, Alan is fed up of Van Pet hunting him without end and decides to get rid of hm forever. After their trap fails, Alan throws Van Pelt's gun away, but the hunter merely retorts that even without his gun, he can still be their archenemy and blows on a horn which unleashes the Hounds. The Hounds chase the trio to a bottomless pit where Van Pelt falls into the abyss below. Feeling triumphant, Peter and Judy return to the real world, with the swagger stick as a trophy.

In the real world, Peter goes into trances and begins to slowly become Van Pelt, so Judy and Peter return to Jumanji where Peter/Van Pelt hunts Alan and Judy with Hounds, guns atop an Elephant. Peter/Van Pelt reveals he wants to take over Alan. Peter/Van Pet hangs Judy over the pit knowing Alan will come to help her when she screams, but Alan unties the Hounds and threatens to blow the horn and release them; Peter/Van Pelt only recites that if he is defeated then Alan must take his place, urging him to release the hounds on him.

But to stop the cycle, Judy takes Van Pelt's swagger-stick while he's distracted by Alan and throws it into the abyss where this all started. Peter returns to normal, not remembering what happened after defeating Van Pelt the first time. The kids return safely home, but Van Pelt crawls out of the pit and confronts Alan, who joyfully becomes the hunter's prey once again, kicking the hound's horn into the pit and running off.