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The Transportation Shed is a storehouse located in the jungle of "JUMANJI". It contains several vehicles and weapons that can make travel through the realm easier unless it is commandeered by one particular group.


Due to the curse fallen on "JUMANJI" by Russell Van Pelt blinding the Jaguar Shrine by stealing its eye, his influence spread everywhere and the Transportation Shed was guarded by 2 soldiers of his army. Ace pilot Seaplane McDonough (Alex Vreeke) attempted to steal a hot-air balloon from the shed but failed. He then waited 3 weeks for the 2 guards to leave and tried to steal the jet fighter but crashed it when he was shot down by Orangutans piloting fighter jets.

Evac Chopper Jumanji

The group escape in the Evac Chopper.

Vreeke then stayed low until the four new players were found by him. Together they made their journey to the Jaguar Shrine easier if they tried to infiltrate the shed together. But since the shed was guarded by Van Pelt's soldiers, Ruby Roundhouse (Martha) was needed to distract them by dance fighting. However, when Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (Anthony "Fridge" Johnson) bumped into several motor cycles, Roundhouse then changed her tactics to eliminating them instead. The five then commandeer the chopper to head for the Jaguar shrine to return the jewel. Together, they escape as several bikers attacked the shed.


While no Orangutans are seen in the film, an illustration of one riding a fighter jet appears on the Map of "JUMANJI" in the closing credits.

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