Trader Slick's Shop is a Jumanji bazaar shop and place of residence of Professor J.H. "Trader" Slick, a business retailer that presents a selection of various goods and offers to trade or sell them to customers for something of value to trade or other goods.


Get Out Of Jumanji Card

Slick's Get-Out-Of-Jumanji-Free Card.

As Trader Slick is devoted to his enterprise, his store is lined with an immense variety of items, ranging from weaponry, survival equipment, clothing, home improvement tools, advanced scientific equipment and much more, even items the customer wasn't expectantly searching for like a Get-Out-Of-Jumanji-Free Card. Slick's Shop is often open at all hours unless he is travelling or imprisoned somewhere else. The main downside to Slick's items is that he will not part with anything so easily without receiving something valuable to trade. The second downside is not everything for sale is always as they seem and may end up resulting in no-one's satisfaction guaranteed but Slick's own. Slick's shop can be conveniently found by anyone intentionally; When the Stalker approached Slick to employ him for an important mission, and when various villains of Jumanji's community gathered to attend Slick's auction for the Trans-Vecotr due to their common hatred for the trio.


  • The role of the main Bazaar in Jumanji's realm was later given to the Bazaar in the video game version of Jumanji.