The Mighty Roar is the second level of the video game format of "JUMANJI". It is only visible on the Map when read by Shelly Oberon, and it's transposition is signalled by the traditional sound of drumbeats.


Overviewing the deep jungles, grassy plains, steep mountains and vast lakes of "JUMANJI", the level perspective is practically standing in the old board game's painting.


After the players selected their avatars and passed From the Deep, Nigel Billingsley gave the avatars a lift via the game's backstory and their objective before he dropped the four characters off at The Mighty Roar, where he abandoned them to their fate to meet them at the Jaguar Shrine.

When examining their character strengths and weaknesses, Professor Shelly Oberon (Bethany) was able to read the Map of "JUMANJI"; and discovered finding their way past From the Deep led them to their current position within The Mighty Roar, signalled by intimidating drumbeats.

Instantly, the quartet were attacked by Professor Van Pelt's Army, armed with motorbikes and automatic machine guns, forcing them to run for their lives. Fleeing from the speedy vehicles was a challenge for the likes of Shelly Oberon or Franklin "Mouse" Finbar, necessitating Ruby Roundhouse and Dr. Smolder Bravestone to stand and fight back long enough to be cornered on a cliff. Without any choice left, the players jumped off into the lake below to escape with their lives; with the exception of Ruby Roundhouse (Martha) having taken a shot and instantly vaporised and subsequently re-spawned back into the game.

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