The Canyon is a deep ravine in the land of Jumanji, located just ahead of the Transportation Shed and lies just before the video game's final level, the Jaguar Shrine.


The Canyon serves as a barrier between the Transportation Shed and the Jaguar Shrine, requiring the right kind of transport to cross the deep ravine. To make matters worse, pilots may be shot down by Oranguatans piloting fighter jets, if they haven't already been trampled by a crash of savage, Albino Rhinos.


After commandeering an evacuation chopper, the five avatars set off for their next level, The Canyon, in order to reach the Jaguar Shrine. Since the chopper mechanism was damaged by firepower from Professor Van Pelt's Army, the chopper was forced to fly lower, closer to the ground of the Canyon depths. The sounds of drumbeats signalled the worrying signal of the gamer's next challenge, as a crash of indigenous Albino Rhinoceroses came stampeding to impale the chopper. Although Smolder Bravestone (Spencer) was able to repair the chopper mechanics and Seaplane McDonough (Alex) flew them out of the Canyon, Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (Fridge) leaned over to throw up and lost the Jaguar's Eye back into the gorge.

The Rhino crash then proceeded to guard the jewel by encircling it, preventing the humans from reaching it. Noticing that Finbar (Fridge) had a spare life left, Smolder Bravestone (Spencer) deliberately pushed Mouse Finbar (Fridge) out the chopper into the gorge, causing the Rhino crash to pursue him, while Smolder (Spencer) retrieved the jewel. Smolder (Spencer) knew that Mouse (Fridge) couldn't outrun the Rhinos, and would be inevitably trampled to death but subsequently re-spawn overhead, allowing Seaplane McDonough (Alex) to fly at the right angle in time to catch Mouse Finbar (Fridge) in time. He understandably wasn't pleased, but it worked and possibly served as payback for when Finbar (Fridge) pushed Smolder (Spencer) off a cliff earlier.

Following their landing beyond The Canyon, Seaplane McDonough (Alex) was delighted that he finally made it past the level for the first time in 20 years, but was soon bitten by a Mosquito and quickly succumbed to his weakness and began to perish for good, until Shelly Oberon (Bethany) performed CPR and gave him a spare life to save him.

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