Sir Sav-A-Lot is the discount general store in Brantford, New Hampshire that Van Pelt went into, to lure the gang into a trap and so that Alan would get wind of the incident down there, so he would get there and get killed by Van Pelt. But Van Pelt's plan ended backfiring as he would get clobbered by a shelf full of paint cans.


Sir Save-A-Lot was built in Brantford sometime between 1969 and 1995 at Monroe and Elm near the Church that ended up becoming a burger shop. Due to the events of mass hysteria in Brantford caused by Jumanji's manifestations, the store was in utter chaos. Aisles were emptying by looters scavenging with clerks chasing them, goods were strewn over the floor - books, batteries, umbrellas, toys, food, everything.

The Sir Sav-A-Lot was also were Van Pelt went to with the confiscated Jumanji board game, with Sarah, Judy and Peter following him to retrieve it, but quickly discovering the hunter's plan to catch Alan in an ambush; By holding them hostage and scaring the residents with gunfire so they would logically call the police, which meant Officer Carl Bentley would have to appear on the scene with Alan. His plan was foiled when the trio retrieved the game board from him and evaded him long enough to allow Alan and Carl to drive through the store entrance, knocking a whole aisle of paint pots over and collapse on top of Van Pelt.

After the four players left the wrecked store, Carl temporary borrowed a hacksaw to cut the handcuffs off his wrist and some brake fluid for his cruiser's brakes. Carl then left the store to head over to the Old Parrish Place, leaving no-one left in Sir-Sav-A-Lot to notice the paint stained hand of Van Pet staggering out from under the paint pot pile-up.


Save-A-Lot is actually an American discount supermarket chain headquartered in Earth City, Missouri, near St. Louis, Missouri, United States, founded in 1977, Cahokia, Illinois.

Behind the scenes

The Sir-Save-A-Lot scenes were shot at an old shopping center on 56th Street & 12th Avenue in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada. In real life, the store was once a Super Valu grocery store before it closed prior to filming.

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