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Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough is one of the five selectable playable characters in Jumanji's video game form. In both " Welcome to the Jungle" and "The Next Level", he was the chosen avatar of Alex Vreeke.

2017 Film

In "Welcome to the Jungle", Alex Vreeke chose Seaplane as his avatar and was instantly pulled into the world of the game. Sometime in the game, he managed to make it to the Transportation Shed level, but lost two lives while trying to fly towards the Jaguar Statue. He found refuge in Alan Parrish's old house, where he remained and stayed out of sight of his enemies. 20 years later, the game was found by Spencer Gilpin, Anthony Johnson, Martha Kaply and Bethany Walker, and were unable to select Seaplane McDonough as a playable character, since he was already taken. They made their way to the Bazaar where Alex realized they were players and helped them escape Van Pelt's men.

They flew past the Transportation Shed. In the midst of happiness, Alex got bitten by a mosquito, which is one of his weaknesses. Bethany performed CPR on Alex and gave him one of her lives to save him. The five of them eventually made it to the Jaguar Statue where they overcame all dangers and finished the game. Alex was the first to be transported home, back in year 1996 when he first started playing.

Causes of Death

  • Shot-down: At the beginning of his life in Jumanji, after commandeering the Transportation Shed's Hot-Air Balloon, he crashed it.
  • Shot-down: After the Hot-Air Balloon failed, he commandeered a plane to fly past the gorge but his plane was shot down by fighter jets piloted by Orangutans.
  • Mosquito bite: After piloting the group out of the gorge, he was finally bitten by a Mosquito and faced permanent death, until Shelly (Bethany) voluntarily gave him the last of his spare lives through CPR.

2019 Film

After agreeing to return to "JUMANJI" with Bethany, Alex Vreeke is put back into his old avatar of Seaplane McDonough, but Bethany is put inside the avatar of a black horse named Cyclone. They are able to meet everyone after a dangerous game of floating bridges, but quickly realize everyone is in the wrong avatar, and Spencer's grandfather, Eddie Gilpin and his friend, Milo Walker are with them. Both of whom are having a hard time still understanding the game. Luckily Ruby Roundhouse is able to identify a body of water, with its magical properties is able to switch everyone to their desired avatar. While in the mountains, the two old men are taken by Jurgen the Brutal's men. They immediately split up and track them to the base. Seaplane is tasked with retrieving Milo who is trapped inside a metal cage inside of a barn. Unfortunately, the floor is riged and he even sacrifices two of his lives to rescue Milo. Once they are together he is able to read Cyclone's STATS and is impressed to find out about his flight. Seaplane reunites with everyone and they are soon able to finish and complete the game and go home.

Causes of Death

  • Shot by a dart: While trying to reach Milo trapped inside a cage, Alex stepped on a trap in the ground and triggered a deadly dart that killed him.
  • Shot by a dart: Alex, learned from his mistake, tried to avoid being shot again. He lost his second life before reaching and saving him.


Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Alex Leads The Way Movie Clip

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Alex Leads The Way Movie Clip

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