Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough is one of the five selectable playable characters in the video game version of "JUMANJI". In both "Welcome to the Jungle" and "The Next Level", he was the chosen avatar of Alex Vreeke.


Seaplane is the pilot of the group of adventurers, even having his player select screen symbol being a plane to reflect this. When living alone in the Parrish Treehouse built by Alan Parrish, he lights multiple citronella candles to protect himself from Mosquito bites.

Character Stats

"Strength"  "Weakness" Welcome to the Jungle The Next Level Description
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He is an expert in piloting different kinds of aviation vehicles.
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He is able to concoct margaritas.
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Mosquito bites are almost instantly fatal to him. Upon being bitten, he will collapse and slowly ebb away.


  • He is the only character in both the 2017 and 2019 films not to display his avatar checklist of strengths and weaknesses, so it is unknown what his full list of character stats are. Since Seaplane (Alex) referred to Mosquito bites being "one" of his weaknesses, he may actually have more strengths and weaknesses than shown in the films.
    • He is also the only character to not have his player switch avatar with anyone else in Jumanji The Next Level.
  • Originally Tom Holland was cast as Seaplane McDonough but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Nick Jonas was cast in his place.
  • His symbol on the 2017 film's closing credits next to his actor's credits fittingly is the evacuation chopper.
  • Reviewers of the trailers for Jumanji The Next Level, initially believed that Seaplane is going to be Spencer's avatar in the new film, believing that he became Seaplane since he's trapped in the game same as Alex in the past film while they also believing that Ming Fleetfoot is Bethany's new avatar. This turned out to be false.


Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Alex Leads The Way Movie Clip

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Alex Leads The Way Movie Clip

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