Ransom of Redhead is the 4th episode of the Jumanji animated series. It is the first time Nora Shepherd is taken into Jumanji as well, albeit she unintentionally dragged herself into it.


Peter and Judy prepare to enter Jumanji but are stopped by Aunt Nora who believes the game is the source of their bad grades. She throws the dice away accidentally rolling and after the clue "The more you learn the less you know and that's the only way to go", appears. Peter, Judy and Aunt Nora are all sucked into the game. Judy and Peter are attacked by a creature, but Alan saves them. However, when Aunt Nora appears, she lands on the creature's back and is dragged away to where the creature ends up in one of Van Pelt's traps. Van Pelt is distracted by Aunt Nora when he opens the trap and the creature gets away. Aunt Nora believes she is hallucinating and falls for a horrified Van Pelt. He decides to use her as bait to hunt Judy and Peter rather than killing her. Judy and Peter save her from a crocodile and Alan realizes that Van Pelt let her go to track them down. The four end up hanging off a cliff with Van Pelt getting ready to kill them and Alan unable to hold on any longer. Aunt Nora admits she was wrong and she doesn't know everything which solves her clue and sends her and the kids home leaving Alan to crawl safely into a cave and get away. At home Aunt Nora is on the verge of stopping them from playing the game but realizes that the game is Jumanji (the place from her "dream") she decides not to bother them and tells them to have fun.

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