Wow, they're beautiful...
Oh yeah, they're beautiful...Don't touch the purple ones, they shoot poisonous barbs... And definitely stay away from the pods, the big yellow ones...
—Judy Shepherd and Alan Parrish

Purple Flowers are a beautiful but very deadly, hostile plant that grows in the jungles of Jumanji's dimension.


Many flowers serve as part of a reproduction in the vegetation kingdom and beneficial to the animal kingdom, but these flowers serve as a natural trap since they are capable at shooting poisonous barbs at anything they sense in their presence.

In the 1995 film, Sarah Whittle's second dice roll in the Parrish Mansion living room releases a collection of fast growing plants, which quickly overwhelm the house overtime. One of the many plants is the Purple Flower which Judy Shepherd admired before Alan Parrish taught the players to stay away from them because of their ranged projectile. In the film's novel, it is Sarah who reaches out to touch it before Alan pulls her backwards.

In the attic, in the middle of the Spiders' attack, as Judy lifted the game board up, the innocuous Purple Flower grew through the floor boards and shot a barb into Judy's neck, slowly killing her. Despite Peter avenging her by chopping the flower dead, it doesn't stop Judy from collapsing and spends several seconds convulsing on the ground. Peter cradled his sister as the poison killed her, before their fates were sealed by the Earthquake and Alan landing a winning roll.

  • Secret symbol: Saber
  • Number: 3

In the Milton Bradley board game, the Purple Flower has its own danger card by itself. Rolling a Saber on the rescue die within 3 seconds will defeat the Purple Flower threat.

TV Barbs

The trio dodge barbs.

In the animated series, Purple Flowers are part of Jumanji's vegetation kingdom. They seem to be more active at night, shooting their barbs at anything that they sense passing by, even at high enough speed to avoid them.

In Master Builder, the trio were passing by a crop of Purple Flowers on their way to Ibsen'd Factory, missing the barbs that the Purple Flowers shot at them.

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