Pound Cake is a source of food and sustenance, baked in Jumanji and sold in the Bazaar by merchant bakers as rations for travellers.


When the four players were travelling through the Bazaar to find their next objective, they intended to not draw attention to themselves until the merchant baker in the main street was loudly advertising his wares. Shelly Oberon (Bethany) was instantly attracted as he was "starving", and instinctually ate some of his wares, which meant they all were being indicated to keep up their in-game health. Shelly (Bethany) delighted in the taste of this bakery as Beth apparently hadn't eaten carbohydrates since she was nine.

But as Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (Fridge) took a bite and asked with he was eating, the merchant revealed it was his famous Pound Cake, startling him for a moment because Cake was one of his in-game weaknesses', but he shrugged it off thinking it meant he couldn't resist Cake, only to fiercely explode into nothing and subsequently re-spawned.

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