Perfect Match is the 11th episode of the Jumanji animated series. It is the second to feature Nora entering Jumanji, albeit she is complete unaware of it.


Peter, Judy and Aunt Nora are heading for a wedding when Aunt Nora gets them lost. Peter pulls out Jumanji to kill time, but the dice fly from his hand then the car goes over a bump. This time their clue is "Someone's freedom is foreseen, through a match-up with the queen" when all three people and the car are sucked into Jumanji. When they arrive, they find that Alan's being chased by the Jamazon's Queen, Gina, who wants to marry Alan; the children assume that their clue means if he marries her, he'll be set free of Jumanji. Judy and Peter help trap Alan, but he reveals that part of the wedding is a human sacrifice of the groom: which would be him. After the three escape from the Jamazon village, they decide to have Alan pretend Aunt Nora's his fiance in order to stop him from having to marry Gina. It goes smoothly but Alan's inexperience makes a fool of himself, yet Nora strangely finds humorous which nearly works out for them, but the blind date is interrupted by Gina who takes everyone prisoner. With Trader Slick as the announcer, Gina successfully marries Alan and is about to kill him when Aunt Nora frees herself and battles her one on one. Aunt Nora defeats Gina, puts her in a hogtie with her own whip and gags her, leaving the queen tied up and humiliated. Aunt Nora frees Alan and goes to kiss him while the kids realize that their clue meant how Aunt Nora saved Alan by fighting the queen (the match-up was their fight not the wedding) and she solved it. Before Alan and Aunt Nora can kiss, Jumanji transports the kids, Aunt Nora and her car back to the road they'd previously been driving down and the kids convince her she stopped for a nap and what happened was only a dream. Feeling adventurous from faint memories, Aunt Nora decides to skip the wedding and take the kids to an amusement park instead.


  • When Trader Slick attends the wedding of Alan and Gina to announce them, he reveals Alan's full name as: Alan Robert John Jason Parrish III.
  • Despite meeting Alan in Ransom of Redhead, Nora doesn't seem to remember him; likely as the result of Jumanji erasing her memories.
  • The Jamazons returned again in The Ultimate Weapon, when Gina and some warriors were present at Trader Slick's auction for the Trans-Vector since villains from around Jumanji united due to their common hatred of the trio. Gina momentary joins the recalling of the device and even tries to flirt with Alan, only to be rejected by him yet again.