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The Parrish Treehouse is a safe den located in the jungle of Jumanji.


The Parrish Treehouse was built by Alan Parrish during his 26 year imprisonment as a safe place for himself and anyone else who was taken into the realm of Jumanji, even carving his name into a placard to prove it. When Alan left the jungle thanks to sister and brother Judy Shepherd and Peter Shepherd setting him free in an alternative 1995, Alex Vreeke took it over as the avatar Seaplane McDonough during his tenure inside the realm.

When four new players arrived in the game, Seaplane led them to the treehouse to allow them to recover and taste his margaritas while they revealed his absence of 20+ years from Brantford and promised to help him escape from Jumanji with them.

Official site

On the official website of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, browsers can view a 360 degree tour of Alan's Jungle Treehouse. Using the mouse to examine the Porch, Bedroom and Kitchen, browsers are given the optional mission to scan the treehouse to reach for six hidden items around the treehouse to view clips from the film and select the original Jumanji board game's portraits for biographies of the four video game avatars.

Treehouse items:

  • Map of the Treehouse
  • Alan Parrish's Journal
  • Elephant Game Piece
  • Finbar's Binoculars
  • Seaplane's Margarita
  • Jewel (Hidden item)

Portrait Biographies:

Behind the scenes

  • The Parrish Treehouse was obviously added to the 2017 film as an act of respect to the passing of Jumanji film star Robin Williams.
  • Alan's journal on the official website's 360 degree Treehouse tour reads the original game's message for the Monsoon.

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