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Nora Shepherd, is one of the supporting characters in the original 1995 film version of "Jumanji" and its 2019 sequel. She was portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth and frequently appeared in the animated series in which she was voiced by Melanie Chartoff.


Nora Shepherd was first seen moving into the empty Parrish house with her niece Judy and nephew Peter, following the loss of their parents.


Nora is very beautiful, "particular", but she is also a strong willed woman, able to make firm decisions on her niece and nephew. Her determination to convert the Parrish Mansion into her dream bed and breakfast Inn was foiled by Peter's trauma causing him to have problems at his new school from his silent demeanor and Judy's lies often led to fallings out with her. Nora's hidden timidness was put to the test when the presence of Bats in her new house scared her more than she would like to admit, but her encounters with a stampede, a MonkeyPod, Crocodiles, Lion, and a transformed Peter proved to be far too much for her to bear.