Mrs. Thomas was a real estate professional who appears in the 1995 Jumanji film. Her role onscreen is small but essential to the introduction of the Shepherd family and she serves as the catalyst of Jumanji's effects on the ecosystem within Brantford, New Hampshire.


26 years after Alan Parrish went missing without a trace, Mrs Thomas sold the abandoned Parrish Mansion to Nora Shepherd who moved into the building with her niece Judy Shepherd and nephew Peter Shepherd. Mrs Thomas showed interest in Nora's plans to convert the Parrish Mansion into a bed & breakfast, expressing intrigue in her kids but was disturbed by Peter's silent demeanour and Judy's lies.

After the kids played Jumanji and released Alan Parrish from his imprisonment, they headed back to the Parrish Mansion to play the game but were stopped by an out of control car driving off road and colliding with an ambulance. When the trio examined the driver, they realized it was Mrs. Thomas, who was suffering seizures from a Mosquito bite, and immediately taken to Brantford's hospital along with 97 other victims. Then Alan and the kids borrowed her car to escape further mosquitos. Her fate is unknown due to the reversal of time after Alan won the game.


In the 1995 film's novelisation, her name is Ms Winston instead. Her son attended the same school as Judy and Peter, exposing Judy's lies about her parent's fates since Nora told his mother the truth. When exposing the reality about their death's, Peter becomes agitated and starts a fight with him, which explains requiring Nora to visit the Principal in the film.

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