Mrs. Browning, (Budwing in the Novels) is Walter, Danny, and Lisa's mother. She is an unseen female character in the "Jumanji" picture book, the sequel "Zathura" and it's film adaptation, Zathura: A Space Adventure.


In "Jumanji", Mrs. Budwing and her husband were invited to the Shepherd family's house after the party they attended. The adults greeted Judy and Peter, unaware of the adventure they just had playing "Jumanji" and merely laughed at their story.

After Walter and Danny played "Zathura" and went on their adventure, Mr. Browning was seen putting down a car drawing he ran another copy and was put into a picture and telling Walter and Danny that it's almost 3:00 when their mother was gonna be here to pick them up any minute. She was seen honking at her children Walter, Danny, and Lisa, after they played the game. She left the house after the credits began to roll.


  • She has a Volvo minivan.
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