Mr. Shreve Squint’s 1st one-eyed shipmate. He's a stranded Jumanji pirate with Mr. Shatic. He only appeared in Return of Squint. His fate was unknown after being captured by the demonic mermaids.


Peter rolls and they get the clue "a machine will take you to the deep, but cannot tell you what to keep" before the two are sucked into the game again. There they find themselves surrounded by giant salamanders, but Alan manages to drive them off with a light bomb. Peter got some of the salamander slime on him without any notice. The three raid Ibsen's lab and steal his submarine, but Peter turns into a salamander. They're unable to find an instruction manual for the sub and are running out of air with Alan unable to figure out how to surface. Judy manages to hit a manual override and they surface near a desert island where Captain Squint and two men are. Captain Squint reveals he survived the Draken attack, although it was a very near thing and ended up washed up on the island. Squint hijacks the sub and plans to use it to find a sunken city full of treasure and forces Alan, Peter, and Judy to be his crew again along with his two men. Peter and Judy are forced to serve Squint's men while Alan is forced to help pilot the ship. They get attacked by a giant whale, but Alan drives it off with a torpedo. The pressure gets too much for the sub and Squint refuses to listen to reason, sending Judy and Alan into the back to fix a leak, but the sub breaks in half from the pressure. Alan and Judy get into scuba suits just as the part of the sub breaks completely and find nobody in the front half, but encounter a full salamander Peter who is free. The demonic shark attacks them, but Peter and Alan manage to drive it off. Peter finds the treasure, but Squint attacks before Peter defeats him. Two beautiful Mermaids but Peter sees their true form as demonic snake haired skeletons and warns only Alan and Judy.

Shreve goes with Squint and Shatic with the mermaids into their treasure tower and then disappear with the tower as they realize the trap too late.

Shreve doesn't reappear in the series as Squint's next appearance in The Ultimate Weapon was only a cameo.

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