Ming Fleetfoot is a new playable character in the Video Game version of "JUMANJI", that first appears in "The Next Level". Ming is the avatar of Spencer Gilpin and lastly Eddie Gilpin.


When Spencer Gilpin wanted to return to "JUMANJI" and re-live the thrills of being Dr. Bravestone again, he initially believed he would be replaying the Jaguar Shrine Adventure as Bravestone and know what to expect, but he was proven wrong when he was sent into the new Mountain Fortress Adventure and turned into Ming Fleetfoot instead.


  • Cat Burglar: She can sneak into buildings by climbing to an upper story.
  • Pickpocket: She can steal from other people’s pockets without being noticed.
  • Safe-cracker: She can unlock safes quickly and easily.


  • Pollen: She is allergic to pollen.



  • Ming Fleetfoot was the second female avatar after Ruby Roundhouse.
  • Reviewers of the first trailer for Jumanji The Next Level, initially believed that Ming was going to be Bethany's avatar in the new film; believing that she's mysteriously missing and became a new female avatar while they also believing that Spencer becomes Seaplane McDonough. This turned out to be false.
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