Meat Flowers are a species of Flowers that bloom in the fast growing vegetation of the jungles in the world of "Jumanji". Their name comes from the rotten stench they emit.


Like Pods and Purple Flowers, Meat Flowers exhibit a hostile nature as part of "Jumanji's" vegetation. They emit a repulsive scent that smells like "rotten hamburgers", which acts as a natural trap to potential prey. Once prey lands in the center spot, the flower engulfs the prey whole, instantly digesting the flesh and spitting out the bones. The Meat Flower can also tilt and capture and passing victims beneath.


In "El Pollo Jumanji", after Judy, Peter, Rock and Maria arrive in "Jumanji", they quickly find Alan, who is quickly looking for flowers. Confused, the kids wonder what Alan wants with flowers, but soon see what he is fleeing from; Giant Killer Butterflies. When Alan finds the flowers he's looking for, Maria is repulsed by the smell of rotten hamburgers, which is the idea as the Butterflies are irresistiblly drawn to them, landing on the centre spot, are quickly swallowed whole by the Flowers jaws. A Meat Flower then scoops up Peter and beings to devour him, until Rock manages to tear the overgrown "dandelion" straight to of the ground, saving him.

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