Masked Identity is the 3rd episode of the Jumanji animated series. It introduces Rock, a resident of Brantford and frequent enemy of Peter.


In Jumanji, Alan successfully infiltrated the Manji's sacred temple to "borrow" the secret back-door key to get out of Jumanji, but ended up being activating a booby trap set up by the Manjis for stealing their property and breaking into their sacred grounds.

In Brantford, Peter tried to make friends with Rock's gang, but only ended up being humiliated by him after falling into a mud pond. Nora became mad at Peter leaving muddy prints over the Parrish Mansion and implored him to try and make better friends.

In the attic Peter and Judy returned to Jumanji with the clue "Someone needs to be set free, only you hold the key." Because they found Alan's cave in a bad state, the kids believed that meant Alan was in trouble and set out to find and rescue him until they met the Manjis, who offered to help them find Alan. Along the way, Peter becomes more and more enamoured in Manji culture and after saving Tribal Bob from a Rhinoceros, Bob invited Peter to become one of them, outfitting Peter in a mask of his own. As the Manjis tracked Alan down, they found his satchel and began to spear it, making Judy's mind turn round that they were not merely looking for Alan, but actually hunting him. To make matters worse, Peter began to lose his mind and forget about who he once was, even preferring to speak Manji and reject the notion of sisters.

Meanwhile, Alan made a bargin with Trader Slick for equipment to get into a Snake pit safely and eventually found the backdoor that the Sacred Key of the Manjis opened and and finally made it home to Brantford only to hear Judy calling for help, so he went back for her.

Alan couldn't convince Peter to change his mind about being a Manji and was soon caught with the Key being taken away from him. The Manjis prepare to have Peter burn Alan and Judy, but Peter's true self started to emerge again after Alan and Judy tried to remind him of who he really was. Peter's mind turns back into himself and freed Alan and Judy, setting a fire to distract the Manjis. Judy realized their clue was about Peter not Alan, thus they're sent back home while Alan is forced to run from the Manjis.

At home, Rock tried to bully Peter again but Peter defeated Rock and his friends by luring them into the mud pit, like how he previously evaded the charging Rhino.


  • The sarcastic, talking Manji key does not appear again.