Martha Shepherd is the wife of Jim Shepherd, the mother of Judy and Peter Shepherd and Nora's sister-in-law. Her role is small in both the story book, 1995 film and animated series but serves as plot points to Judy and Peter's characters. She is played by Annabel Kershaw in the 1995 film.


The mother of Judy and Peter is un-named in the original Jumanji picture book, but she and her husband head out to a party and plan to bring guests back, asking her children to keep the house neat and tidy. Unaware of the adventure the kids experienced with Jumanji, the mother and father returned home with the Budwings and laughed at their story about the Jumanji events.

26 years after Alan Parrish went missing without a trace, Martha and her husband Jim died in a car accident while they were going to Canada for a holiday, leaving behind their two children Judy and Peter legally entrusted to his sister-in-law Nora. Because of their deaths, their daughter Judy, became cold and impertinent, while their son Peter, became dumb & mute with other people. Judy made up lies about the lives of their parents never spending time with them and pretended not to miss them, but confessed to Peter she missed them when dying from a Purple Flower's barb shot.

After Alan finally landed a winning roll and completing Jumanji, time was reversed along with Martha and Jim's deaths. Jim ended up becoming an employee of Parrish Shoe Company and brought Martha and their children to the Parrish Mansion's Christmas party. The life of his entire family Shepherd changes once Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle stop them from going on their planned Canada vacation, and this prevents history repeating itself has completely changed the personalities of Judy and Peter by having their parents still alive.

Jim and Martha are unseen in the animated series but a sentimental framed photograph of the Shepherd family rests on Judy's drawers, depicting them wishing happy holidays in 1991. When Peter underwent the ritual to join the Manji Tribe and began to lose his memories of who he once was, Judy reminded him that he was Peter Shephered, named as such by their mother and father.


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