Martha Kaply is a a shy bookworm who got detention for objecting to participating in physical education. While in Jumanji, Spencer tells her that he likes her and she admits that she also has feelings for him.


Martha is a bright student like Spencer, but had no interest in physical activities or boys. She was also shown to be judgmental and a bit arrogant as she openly, yet needlessly called out the gym teacher for wasting her time with physical activities as she was more focused on schoolwork. She also dislikes like having tattoos on her body, because her mother would kill her if she got one.

Underneath this exterior, she was shown to be shy and lacked confidence in her abilities to be around boys, which she later admits to Bethany and was initially unable to confess her feelings for Spencer.

By the end of the film, Martha has lost her judgmental attitude, has gained confidence and started dating Spencer Gilpin.


As the film progresses, Spencer began to have feelings for her and she has feelings for him. By film's end, it is possible that they became a couple after they shared a kiss.

She also forms a friendship with Bethany and Fridge.