No Dice is the 7th episode of the Jumanji animated series.


Judy wants to go to the dance with a boy she likes but he tricks her into doing his homework for him. Judy is heartbroken and doesn't want to play Jumanji again, but accidentally rolls the dice giving them the clue "When what you want's behind the door, be careful what you're wishing for." Upon hearing their clue, Alan takes them to a room of many doors; after two wrong tries, Judy falls down a hole and is rescued by the guy from behind door number three. Flint takes the three back to his castle in the clouds. Peter nearly falls to his death on the way up and is grateful to Flint, but Alan remains suspicious of him. Investigating a forbidden room, Alan and Peter find statues of various inhabitants of Jumanji, including that of a bird which has just attacked Judy and been driven off by Flint. Alan realizes Flint has been created as the perfect boyfriend while she's heartbroken. Flint changes Peter into a statue, but Alan escapes when Judy interrupts Flint. Flint tries to turn her to stone as he kisses her, but Alan interrupts and shows her the statue of Peter. Flint pins Alan with the Peter statue and tries again to turn Judy to stone, but she reflects his attack back onto him with his mirror. With Flint defeated, all of the statues return to normal and the castle disintegrates. Judy apologizes for her behavior and realizes she solved the clue as it was trying to warn her about Flint. Alan is saved from his fall by Slick and the giant bird, but must pay 1,000 mangoes for the service. At home, Judy gives Wade his homework, but it turns out she made him fail as she realized what a loser he is and is no longer smitten with him.