The Jumanji Berry Tree is a special tree located in the Oasis, that serves as the third level in the video game version of "JUMANJI", within the Mountain Fortress Adventure. It is the only known location of the "JUMANJI" Berry, a special fruit that is the only known weakness of Jurgen the Brutal. It is also represented on the film's closing credits.


The tree is located in a hidden chamber with torches on the walls and a pool of mysterious green glowing water, which enables people sucked into the game to swap avatars when they enter the water.

The Tree is also represented on the Map of "JUMANJI" which Cartographers like Shelly Oberon can view.


Shelly Oberon (Fridge) and Ruby Roundhouse (Martha) followed a clue and discovered the location of the tree. Martha used her agility and skills to swing on the torch poles and make it to the tree, where she grabbed one of the fruits, but the branch broke off and she fell into the water.

Fridge helped her up, but when the two touched hands, they switched avatars. Fridge, excited to be in a body with strength and agility again, takes a moment to admire his Ruby body and tries out her skills, but ends up falling into the water and switching avatars with Martha again.

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