The Jumanji board game, stylized as Jumanji: The Game, was produced by Milton Bradley in 1995 and is loosely based on the 1995 movie of the same name. Both (movie and game) revolved around the picture book which was written by Chris Van Allsburg in 1981. Underneath the title of ‘Jumanji’ on the game box, the play is described with the film game board and original 1995 film's tagline as ‘a game for those who seek to find…a way to leave their world behind.’

The board game embraces this play. Although the game is determined by the chance roll of dice, the adventurous theme and suspenseful possibility that all players could lose if the jungle overtakes them before finishing the game, does make Jumanji fun to play. Especially, if players enjoyed the excitement in the movie or book.

Game board


The game board.

Jumanji is recommended for ages 8 and up and for 2 to 4 players. The board consists of four winding paths with a Jumanji decoder positioned in the center. On one side of this central playing area are 10 places for ‘jungle releases’ and is called the Doomsday Grid. If these places are filled before a player wins the game (which is done by reaching the center and yelling ‘Jumanji’), all players lose. The other side marks where to set the draw and discard pile of danger cards. This side reminds players of the following:

Jumanji: A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind. Adventurers Beware: Do not begin unless you intend to Finish!


MB Instructions


To play, each player rolls the dice and moves his piece accordingly towards the center. There are four different spaces on the jungle trail which involve special instructions to follow. A player landing on a ‘wait 5 or 8 space’ indicates he must wait for another player to roll a 5 or 8 before moving on. Landing on a ‘Rhino space’ allows a player to set the Rhino piece in front of any player. This blocks the player from moving normally. If the player rolls an even number, he can go around the Rhino. If not, he must wait until the Rhino is moved by another player landing on a ‘Rhino space.’
Jumanji Milton Bradley Rear

A Lion's shadow on the rear artwork.

The two spaces which require the drawing of cards are the ‘suspenseful’ ones. Special Jungle and Blank Jungle spaces have players draw ‘danger cards.’ A player slides the danger card into the center Jumanji decoder to read the secret message, and obtain the secret symbol and number.

Players then need to attempt a rescue of that player by each rolling their own ‘Rescue die’. The card that is drawn displays the symbol that needs to be rolled by players. If the symbol revealed on the card (or the ‘wild’ symbol of the hourglass), is rolled by all players within the 8 second time limit, the player is rescued. If not, the card is placed on the Doomsday Grid. Like mentioned, if all ten Doomsday spaces are filled, before there is a winner, the game ends with all players losing. There are a few other details on rolls and gameplay, but these are the basic instructions.

Danger cards

Card 1995 Message 2017 Message Secret symbol

Spaces to get when everyone gets the symbol

Ants They march and eat
And march and eat;
If I were you
I'd watch my feet.
They are strong creatures,
For their small size.
When there are many,
They'll cause your demise.
Ant card
Bats At night they fly;
You better run.
These winged things
Are not much fun.
(Same) Racquet 1
Bat card
Collapsing Building Splintered rafters
All around;
Duck them or
They'll pin you down.
The building is crumbling,
You are in trouble,
Hurry and escape,
Or you'll be covered in rubble.
Axe 1
Collapsing card
Crocodile Like a great white shark
Down the Nile;
Beware the 25-foot
A giant reptile,
Scaly and green.
It moves undetected,
And he's quite mean.
Raft 3
Crocodile card
Disease Jungle plague germs
There's a melody,
You can't see them
But they're deadly.
There's a plague in the air,
try not to breath.
The fog is so thick
And it's a thousand degrees.
Die 3
Jumanji Disease
Disintegration Don't stop the game
You realize.
Or one of you
May vaporize!
A mysterious force,
Conjured up by a sneer?
Keep playing the game
Or you may disappear.
Die 3
Vaporized card
Earthquake You're almost there,
With much at stake;
But now the ground
Begins to shake.
(Same) Die 5
Earthquake card
Elephant Elephants charging!
You must confess,
A freight train's damage
Would be far less.
Huge beasts on the move,
Driving through like a truck.
You can't outrun them.
Watch out for their tusks.
Open door 3
Elephant card
Hailstorm Big as fists
These balls of ice;
Through umbrellas
They will slice.
A giant ice storm,
Cover your knees.
Quick get inside,
Or you might freeze.
Die 3
Hail card
Hippopotamus A cavernous yawn
With tusks of course,
Be sure to skirt
This river horse.
The water is scary,
Because of this beast.
His teeth are massive,
Don't intrude on his feast.
Raft 3
Hippo card
Hyenas Their boisterous laughing
Does provoke;
in this adventure
They are no joke.
They like to laugh,
But they're not your friends,
If you take them lightly,
It will be your end.
Saber 1
Hyena card
Jaguar Feline spots
In the jungle blend;
Be cautious of her
She's not your friend.
Her spots are many,
She sits in the trees.
She waits for her prey
And nobody flees.
Rope 1
Jaguar card
Leeches Crawling and slithering
Up from the flood;
Come thousands of leeches
To suck your blood.
Thirsty blood-suckers,
Black as the night.
They'll cover your body,
And give you a fright.
Raft 1
Leeches card
Lion His fangs are sharp
He likes your taste;
Your party better
Move posthaste.
(Same) Open door 3
Lion card
Monkeys This will not be
An easy mission;
Monkeys slow
The expedition.
(Same) Open door 1
Monkey card
Mosquito A tiny bite
Can make you itch,
Make you sneeze,
Make you twitch.
They fly quick,
Unless in a breeze.
They'll bite your head,
Your arms and knees.
Racquet 3
Mosquito card
Monsoon Every month
At the quarter moon,
There is a monsoon
In your lagoon.
(Same) Raft 5
Monsoon card
Pelican With six-foot wingspan,
Sound of swish;
It thinks the gameboard
Is a fish.
Flying in from the sky,
He's I'm a bad mood,
Oh no! He's hungry.
The game is not food!
Die 1
Pelican card
Piranhas Raging waters
Ebb and flow;
Beware piranhas
Down below.
Thousands of teeth,
Swimming around you.
It's a fish feeding frenzy,
And they just found you.
Raft 1
Jumanji Piranhas
Pod Enormous and yellow
These flowers grew;
Their flesh-eating blossoms
Are hungry for you!
Hungry yellow flowers,
That don't only eat flies.
They're hungry for you,
And might make you cry.
Axe 3
Pod card
Purple Flowers These purple lovelies
You'd want to grow,
If it weren't for the
Poison barbs they throw.
Pretty flowers,
But don't take a smell.
Their petals are poison,
That will make you swell.
Saber 3
Purple flower card
Python When you see it
You will shake;
It's big and green
And rhymes with lake.
A slithering serpent,
Disguised on the ground.
It will wrap you up,
And drag you down.
Saber 3
Snake card
Quicksand You better watch
Just where you stand;
The floor is quicker
Than quicksand.
Beware of the ground,
For which you stand.
The floor is quicker
Than the sand.
Axe 3
Quicksand card
Rhinoceros Don't be fooled.
It isn't thunder;
Staying put would
Be a blunder.
(Same) Rope 5
Rhino card
Spider Need a hand?
Why just you wait;
We'll help you out
We each have eight.
(Same) Racquet 1
Spider card
Thunderstorm An angry sky hurls
Bolts of light;
If you can't take cover
You'd better take flight.
The clouds open up,
The thunder roars,
Lightning cracks
And down it pours.
Die 1
Thunder card
Tornado Raging and howling
A gale throws its might;
Hold on for dear life
Or be blown out o'sight.
It twists and turns,
And tears up the ground.
It swirls and twirls,
And swallows up towns.
Rope 3
Tornado card
Van Pelt A hunter from
The darkest wild;
Makes you feel
Just like a child.
(Same) Saber 5
Van Pelt card
Vegetation They grow much faster
Than bamboo;
Take care or they'll
Come after you.
(Same) Saber 3
Jungle card
Zebras Hush now! Just listen.
No complaints, no more gripes;
The power belongs
To the beasts with the stripes.
Quick on their feet,
Covered in stripes,
It's a thundering herd
Cloaked in black and white.
Open door 1
Zebra card


Jumanji MD Asian Ver

The Korean version.

  • As a tie-in for the animated series, the Asian versions of the game included artwork renders of characters and animals from the series. Some Danger Cards were also replaced by exclusive ones that used artwork from the series. The generic board game tokens were also replaced by exclusive, more elaborate idol-like playing pieces.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles also produced by Milton Bradley reuse the artwork of this game.
  • Hasbro's LCD Game also reuses the Milton Bradley portraits of Van Pelt and a Rhinoceros on the packing leaflet.
  • To coincide with the release of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the board game was reproduced by Cardinal Games with new colourized artwork to capitalize on the 2017 film. Some of the riddle message texts on the danger cards were changed, especially the unique danger messages. A travel edition was also realized, along with a special wooden edition, replicating the original film's folding lid version of the board game.

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