Jumanji: A Jungle Adventure Pack is a North American-exclusive game for Microsoft Windows that was released on 1996, which was based on the 1995 film of the same title. It contains five different action-arcade-based mini-games that are based on popular scenes from the film. Clips of cutscenes from the film can also be viewed.


Jumanji pc back

Rear cover.

There are five different mini-games that the player can choose from, with different rules and objectives. Animals from the film provide instructions to the player for each mini-game, except for the Treasure Maze mini-game, where the Jumanji board game spirit provides instructions instead. All five of the mini-games are arcade-style and each mini-game is based on a scene from the film. Notably, players cannot play the actual Jumanji board game from the film. All of these mini-games contain rounds (or levels) and when players reach a goal, that level is cleared and the player advances to a more difficult version of the mini-game. The player must try to score as many points as possible, and set the best high score.

Mini games

  • Jumanji Treasure Maze (Center): The player plays as Alan Parrish and travel around the mansion maze collecting red gems, while avoiding the poisonous vines and giant spiders.
  • Monsoon Lagoon (Crocodile Totem): The player plays as Alan Parrish. The house is flooded with water and the player must jump from one piece of furniture to the next, across the rapids. Hazards include hippos and crocodiles.
  • Monkey Mission (Monkey Totem): The player controls Peter Shepard in the kitchen and collects plates and pick up snacks that appear on the ground to earn points, while dodging pots and pans thrown by monkeys. The monkeys can be stopped by catching them and throwing them into the refrigerator.
  • Wild Hunter (Elephant Totem): The player controls Sarah Whittle in a jungle, firing oranges to defeat animals as well as the ruthless big game hunter Van Pelt, in order to rescue Alan. The player must avoid projectile strawberries and must also avoid hitting Alan or Peter.
  • Tiny Bites (Rhino Totem): The player controls Judy Shepard, alone in the dark attic, swatting away bats and mosquitoes with a tennis racquet, while avoiding spiders, which eat the other enemies but can also harm the player.

Voice Talent

  • Francis Mensah: Crocodile Totem and Jumanji Treasure Maze Spirit Narrations 
  • Anthony F. Hamilton: Elephant Totem Narration
  • Jonathan Bryce: Monkey Totem Narration
  • Francie Glick: Rhino Totem Narration



Title screen.

The game's title screen strongly resembles the "Jumanji animals " jigsaw puzzle produced by Milton Bradley.

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