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Judith "Judy" Shepherd is one of the protagonists of the original "Jumanji" picture book, while appearing as the tritagonist of the 1995 film and the animated series.


In the book, Judy behaved more or less like her brother, very excitable and easily bored. She was more keen to finish the game than Peter, as she read and understood the rules about finishing to undo the many effects the game released.

In the 1995 film, the deaths of her Shepherd parents left a negative attitude on her, granting her a tendency to tell lies; which was likely to make her mundane and misfortunate life more exciting. Her lying lead to frequent falling outs with her Aunt Nora, who knew as much about raising children as the next woman. In the novel, when Judy was at school her tall tales extended so far that she made up that her parents were government agents investigating the jungles of New Guinea, which the realtor's son exposed and got into a fight with Peter for taunting the revelation concerning their dead parents. Judy was the only person that Peter could open up to but still tried to act more sensibly over reminding him to start talking to people again. After they discovered "Jumanji", Judy still kept up her exaggerations, such as when making up their connection to Alan during her explanations to Officer Bentley, even making Sarah out as his fiancé (which she eventually became).

In the animated series, Judy's lying characteristics from the 1995 film were repeated, but only for the first two episodes, as this trait was later passed over to Peter. She mainly acts the bossy, know-it-all teacher's pet, but still tried her best in helping out in their adventures to save Alan from his imprisonment in "Jumanji". Her heartbreaks from schoolboy rejections became the subject of some episodes.


Judy is one of the main characters of the original picture book.

Judy Shepherd appears as one of the main characters and "Jumanji" game players in the 1995 film and its novel adaptation, played by Kirsten Dunst in the film.

An abridged version of Judy Shepherd appears every episode of the animated series, living with her brother Peter and Aunt Nora in the old Parrish Mansion in Brantford.

Judy appears in the 1996 PC game.

Judy's animated series self appears in the 1997 Hasbro LCD game.