A Hail Storm is a showering mass of condensed frozen lumps of ice, produced from Thunderstorms.


In continuous amounts of showers, Hail can cause serious damage to vehicles, structures, livestock, and most commonly, crops. Hail damage to roofs often goes unnoticed until further structural damage is seen, such as leaks or cracks. Hail can also create a slippery surface which will inevitably lead to falls.


Board Game

  • Secret symbol: Die
  • Number: 3

In the Milton Bradley board game, instead of just the Monsoon on it's own, a Hailstorm has its own danger card. Rolling the die within 3 seconds will defeat the Hailstorm threat.

A Hailstorm appears as part of a JuMonsoon, which is the focal point of Stormy Weather. After Alan is destroyed by a bold of lightning, Slick gives Peter and Judy a ChronoRepeater to repeat time and start their turn over again. The two go back to the moment they first arrive and set out to warn Alan. They convince him to hide in his cave, but he isn't rleaseabout letting his treehouse get destroyed and runs out into the storm to check on something and is killed again. This time the two go further back in time and steal Professor Ibsen's lightning rod to protect Alan. The rod works, but the lightning is followed by a Hail shower, which causes Alan slip around on the walkway and fall to his death. The next time they use the ChronoRepeater, they see Van Pelt being bothered by the Monkey Trio, who use bungee vines to steal his pith helmet and pants from him, giving them an idea to use the vines to stop Alan from falling off the bridge. Their vine plan to prevent the Hail hazards worked out until the two kids start fighting over the ChronoRepeater and after several resets, it falls off a cliff and is destroyed. On their last attempt, the two put aside their differences and work together to save Alan. This time it works: The storm ends and the two realize that by working together they've solved their clue and are sucked back home.

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