The Guide is an exploratory man who appears only in the original 1981 "Jumanji" picture book.


Judy Shepherd landed her token on a square that related the lost Guide, who instantly appeared in the room, sitting on the dollhouse and trying to read his map and find his way somewhere (likely the "Golden City of Jumanji"). When Judy tried to talk to the Guide, he strangely ignored her and went about his business, but was terrified by the arrival of the Python and ended up fleeing to the couch, joining the Monkeys.

When Judy landed her token on the Golden City of "Jumanji" and called it's name out, the consequences all vanished including the Guide.


  • He is the only human character to be released from the game in the original story, and apparently the only manifested element that served no immediate threat to Judy and Peter.
  • While the Guide himself did not directly appear in any of "Jumanji's" adaptations, Van Pelt takes his place in the 1995 film as the only human character to be released from the game, Ashton Philips serves his role in the animated series as the determined, ignorant but more communicative explorer. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Shelly Oberon's characteristics, wardrobe design and solo ability to read maps were taken from the Guide. The Jumanji field guide character of Nigel Billingsley also serves as the Guide's adaptation equivalent, even ignoring some interactions as part of his programming.
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