Giant Bees are a species of colossal flying insects native to the dimension of Jumanji. They are closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and, in the case of the best-known bee species, for producing honey and beeswax.


Giant Bee Enguarde

Alan declares enguarde.

Giant Bees build their hives on cliff tops to keep their honey and larvae safe from predators. As a highly aggressive species, the Bees will fight to the death to protect their hive and larvae, using their sword like stingers as close combat weapons to stick venom into enemies and can even cast them as projectiles.


Giant Bee Hive

The hive.

In Master Builder, Alan, Judy and Peter flee up a cliff to escape from Van Pelt's gunfire, since Alan knows he won't follow them up because he can't stand the Bees. A squadron of Giant Bees then proceed to engage Alan in an individual épée, shooting it's sting at Judy and Peter, who use it to impale the second. The trio then cut through the honeycomb to escape before Bee reinforcements arrive. Ibsen's Jumanji database has files on Giant Bees, while the trio use Judy's laptop to view a hive by hacking into Ibsen's CCTV.

Giant Bee File

Ibsen's database Bee file.

In El Pollo Jumanji, the trio were collecting honey in a large jar to solve their clue but were attacked by an aggressive quill shooting porcupine, then the familiar Monkey trio who rolled a tree trunk down toward them, smashing the glass. The Bees inside the jar are then released and then proceeded to swarm and attack the Monkey trio, thus solving the clue: "It's no so funny, To waste some honey".