Gas Flowers are a type of flower that grows inside the world of Jumanji's. dimension that behaves like the Venus fly trap.


Gas Flowers look like colorless, withering sunflowers, reflecting the nature of the nightmarish world they grow in. Many flowers serve as part of reproduction in the vegetation kingdom and beneficial to the animal kingdom, but these plants seize hold of anything they sense in their presence, force feeding the victim full of gas, so that the victim starts floating around like a balloon. The victim can loose this effect by belching continuously.


Jumanji Alan Gas Plant

Alan is force fed gas.

In "The Ultimate Weapon", when Alan Parrish is sent into the nightmarish inner world of the Trans-Vector, he walks around his strange surroundings, until he walks into a field of Gas Flowers, were he is grabbed by one and force fed gas. Alan starts to float around for a while, but hen he starts belching, he figures out that doing more belching will undo his predicament.

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