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From The Deep is the entry point and first level of the "JUMANJI" video game format.


Deep jungles and thick bushes signal the entry of the game. Muddy rivers provide refuge for aquatic animals such as fiercely territorial Hippopotamuses, that will attack and kill anything that gets too close to them.


Jaguar Shrine Adventure

After choosing their avatars, the four Brantford High School students immediately entered the realm of "JUMANJI" as the characters they selected. Whilst trying to adjust to what was happening around them, Bethany Walker ran up to the river and discovered that the "curvy genius" Professor Shelly Oberon was and "overweight middle aged man", to her dismay, unaware of the Hippo basking in the river behind him. The Hippo (presumably agitated by the group's bickering) ran up behind Shelly (Bethany) and sized him in it's jaws, killing him and subsequently re-spawned back into the game.

The group were then approached by another intimidating Hippo from behind some bushes, only to be stopped by the previous Hippo and ran towards the jeep driven by Field Guide Nigel Billingsley, who gave the group a ride out of the level to take the m into the game's backstory cutscene before dropping them off at The Mighty Roar.

Mountain Fortress Adventure

An identical scenario appeared in The Next Level, where four Brantford humans entered the Video Game, as their force given avatars and came to terms with their new bodies. Spotting a Hippo emerging from the deep, Fridge and Martha's prior experience helped them avoid history repeating itself, allowing them to send the Hippo back into the water, only for Shelly (Fridge) to be swallowed up by an enormous Python and subsequently re-spawn. When the four avatars saw a plane flying overhead, they imediatley ran to find it being piloted by Nigel, who lead them to the game's backstory before dropping them off at "The Dunes".

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