When this intimidating athlete is cut down to size, he'll adjust to being the supporting player instead of the star, and discover his strength isn't his most powerful weapon.
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Franklin "Mouse" Finbar is one of the five selectable playable character in Jumanji's video game form that appears in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

He is the avatar of Anthony Johnson.


Finbar is Dr. Smolder Bravestone's sidekick. According to Nigel's information, he has never left Bravestone's side after Bravestone rescued him from the clutches of a warlord in the jungles of Peru. He earned his nickname "Mouse" from his small stature and apparent adorable personality.

His symbol on the player select screen is a backpack with pic-axes, reflecting his role as a weapons valet.


  • Zoology: He is an expert on animal behavior and biology, giving helpful advice and knowledge on the various creatures of Jumanji. He was even able to tame an Elephant to give him a ride.
  • Weapons Valet: He carries a variety of weapons in his bag and gives them to Bravestone whenever he needs it.
  • Cranial Assault:


  • Cake: Consuming cake causes him to explode.
  • Speed: He is a slow runner, possibly due to his backpack being loaded with weapons or because he's short or a combination of both.
  • Strength: He was not strong when he slapped Bravestone in the face.

Causes of Death

  • Exploded: After Shelly (Beth) started eating bread to replenish health, Finbar (Fridge) ate some as well before he realized he was really eating pound cake. Despite dismissing the weakness as nothing serious, consuming the cake caused him to suddenly explode after a few moments.
  • Trampled by Rhinos: During the Helicopter flight, Finbar (Fridge) dropped the Jaguar's Eye into the gorge, which became guarded by the Rhinoceros crash. Needing a distraction (and possibly payback for pushing him off a cliff), Bravestone (Spencer) pushed Finbar (Fridge) out of the Helicopter, causing the Rhinos guarding the jewel to leave it alone to chase after him. Bravestone (Spencer) knew that Finbar (Fridge) was unable to outrun the Rhinos and would be trampled by them, planning to catch him after his regeneration landed him in the chopper at an angle.

Official Site

Rhino Run

Franklin "Mouse" Finbar is one of four playable avatars in the official site's Rhino Run game. He must escape Jumanji by running through fixed routes of randomised hazards and collect gems by pressing the keyboard arrows or touch screen to move left or right. The more levels the avatar progresses through, the faster the speed will become and hazards will be harder to avoid. Collecting Mouse's pic-axe powerups will enable him to ride an Elephant for a brief period and render him invincible.





  • He is the only avatar with more than one weakness.
    • The Official Site adds Cranial Assault to his strengths.
  • Finbar is likely the deuteragonist of Jumanji's video game form.
  • Fridge initially chose Finbar as he misread his nickname as "Moose" thinking this would mean he is big and bad ass. He was shocked to discover he was short and he was actually called "Mouse."
  • At first, when Finbar (Fridge) ate the pound cake at the Bazaar, he assumed his weakness of it was simply an addiction for it or an allergic reaction, only to then, a few moments later, explode.
  • His symbol on the closing credits next to his actor's credit is a Mouse, referencing Finbar's affectionate nickname and his ironic ability to tame an Elephant when they are traditionally terrified of them.


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