Eye of the Sea is the 15th Episode of the Jumanji animated series. It marks the first appearance of Captain Ishmael Squint.


On a stormy day, Judy and Peter enter Jumanji and are given the clue "X marks the spot, the map holds the key, the shaft finds its mark, the I of the C." The two arrive on the shore of a sea where's there's a pirate ship nearby. As Peter goes to board the ship, he attacked by a giant crab. They're saved by Alan who defeats the giant lobster but his sword breaks. The three board the ship and meet the pirate, named Captain Ishmael Squint. He plans to sail to the Eye of Jumanji, a portal that leads out and he wants Alan, Judy and Peter to be his crew which they agree to after an argument about it. After a day out at sea, Peter gets promoted to First Mate and Alan gets sea sick. Peter immediately takes advantage of his new position to order Alan and Judy around, even placing Alan in the Crow's nest despite him being sea sick. After Alan saves Peter from an albatross Squint nearly throws him overboard but Peter convinces him not to. In the graveyard of ships two massive lightning eels attack them. Peter and Alan manage to defeat them and Squint changes his mind about Alan. While looking for Squint some time later, Alan and Judy discover in the map that they've been going around in circles in one spot for some time and are confronted by Squint. Squint reveals that what he's really after is the one-eyed sea monster called "The Draken" the creature that's bigger than his ship, with intolerable odor, who ate Squint's nose 20 years ago and Squint wants revenge on it. They find the Draken heading towards them and Alan tries to steer the ship away with Judy's help. Squint tries to get Peter to help him, but Peter's loyalty is with Alan and his sister and he helps them. They manage to steer away, but the Draken attacks anyway. It apparently eats Captain Squint and creates a whirlpool to sink the ship. Alan, Peter and Judy climb the Crow's Nest and Alan uses a rope to bungee jump into the Draken's eye and stab it with his broken sword, killing it and causing it to explode. The three end up drifting hanging onto a log, but Alan's actions solved Peter and Judy's clue and it returns them home leaving Alan to drift home on the sea.


  • Despite his apparent "death", Squint reappears twice in the remainder of the series.