Quel est ce bruit? / What's that noise?
—Hearing "Jumanji's" drumbeats

Emilie Reynaud and Isabel Villeneuve are two french girls that appear in the closing scene of the 1995 "Jumanji" film. They are unnamed in the film and their role is small but signals the continuation of the "Jumanji" board game's desire to be found and played once again.


After Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle completed their "Jumanji" gameplay experience, they threw the game board into the river, where it was anchored by bricks. However, the game released itself from its confinements and was washed away down the river into the world.

The two girls were walking along a beach on the French coast, where they hear the sounds of jungle drumbeats, emitting from the "Jumanji" board game that lies buried in the sand nearby. They presumably found the game and repeated history, where the "Jumanji" board game would soon be washed away at sea and be back in Brantford in 1996.


The novelization greatly expands on the two French girls, including their names and characteristics: Emilie Reynaud and Isabel Villeneuve are two twelve-year-old girls who essentially live lives parallel to Alan Parrish, Judy and Peter Shepherd, both having parental issues and feeling unpopular with other people, craving excitement in their otherwise boring lives which where due to be answered by inevitably finding "Jumanji".

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