Crunchy Munchies are a brand of candy bar bought and sold in Brantford, New Hampshire. They are a favourite snack of many people, including Alan Parrish. They appear to be coated in chocolate and their name suggests they have a crunchy consistency. Crunchy Munchies are advertised with a charming slogan and wrapped in orange/yellow wrappers.

Since Alan was trapped in Jumanji's realm for so long, he delighted in tasting them again after 23 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days when he first met Judy and Peter. Since he was still trapped in Jumanji and was unable to get any more, Peter would bring him a handful on occasion, notably on his birthday for their picnic.

Crunchy Munchies play a major role in Truth or Consequently, where the newly discovered Giant Lemur becomes attracted to Crunchy Munchies after stealing one from Peter Shepherd's backpack. When Peter unintentionally brings the Lemur back to Brantford, each new lie he tells makes the Lemur grow in size and gradually becomes more savage with equal determination to find more Crunchy Munchies. Judy was clever enough to exploit this by donning a Crunchy Munchies packing crate to fool the Giant Lemur into thinking she was one, then placing the crate over a fire hydrant for the Lemur to sink its teeth into and get stuck in the jet stream.