Congratulations, sweetheart.
—Carol to Alan

Carol Anne Parrish was the mother of Alan Parrish, wife to Sam Parrish and resident of Brantford. She serves a minor role during the 1969 era, and is not seen again for the rest of the film after she and Sam originally drove off.


Carol was a loving mother to Alan and wife to Sam. She did not approve of Billy Jessup always harassing Alan for hanging out his girlfriend Sarah. Carol supported her family as best she could but was unable to prevent in a falling out between Sam and Alan on the night he went missing. It is unknown what her career was if she had one.


Following a run-in with Billy Jessup's gang, Carol was displeased at the way they treated her son, cleaning Alan up while telling Sam that they outnumbered him, leaving Sam regretting sending him out on his own. That night, Carol attended a party with Sam celebrating Brantford's growing economy as the guest of honour, leaving Alan at home.

Due to Alan's imprisonment within Jumanji's dimension, Sam and Carol were devastated at his disappearance, opening their time and money searching unsuccessfully for him and Sam even ended up losing his faith by having abandoned Parrish Shoes resulting in Brantford's economy collapsing. Carol eventually died and was buried with Sam a few years before Alan returned to the real world thanks to Judy Shepherd and Peter Shepherd playing Jumanji.

Due to the uncertainty of Alan's fate, rumours began to spread that the boy was murdered by his own parents and his remains hidden in the mansion, especially Sam.

When Alan and Sarah were transported back to 1969, the events were undone and picked up where they left off by Sam returning to the mansions to pick up his speech notes and Alan immediately reconciled with him.

As time flew by, Sam eventually retired and lived with Carol in Florida, while Alan and Sarah married and livened in the Parrish mansion while expecting their first child. Alan even took up Sam's mate as CEO of Parrish Shoes. Alan's phone conversation with Sam in 1995 ended with him promising to collect his parents from the airport before Christmas Day.

While unseen in the animated series, Carol Parrish apparently called Alan down to dinner while he was playing Jumanji, and because he turned his head to hear her voice, he missed the crystal ball's message about his clue to getting out and was trapped in the game ever since.

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