Brantford, New Hampshire, is a small town that serves as the location of the 1995, 2017 and 2019 films, and the animated series.

Establishments include the successful Parrish Shoe Company, a discount store known as Sir-Sav-a-lot, educational establishments such as Brantford High School and Brantford Elementary.

Despite the harshness of the native soil and mild climate, Brantford began growing into a prosperous society and enjoyed a proud town history thanks to the efforts of the civil war three star cavalry hero General Angus Parrish, and sculpted a memorial statue in his honour in the town center. Once the civil war ended, Angus used up his spoils of the war to build himself the finest house in town, sparing no expense, which became a popular tourist attraction.

In 1969, Brantford, New Hampshire was continuing to grow into a prosperous town thanks to the success of the Parrish Shoe Company, which was then managed by Angus' descendant Sam, still working hard to produce quality footwear as it had done previously for four generations. When Sam retired in 1993 and moved to Florida with his wife Carol, their son Alan assumed the Parrish mantle and kept the Shoe Factory running and enabled the tagline to be changed into five generations of quality.

As a Parrish family tradition, young men have been enrolled into attending the Cliffside Private Academy for boys, also based in Brantford (Connecticut in the film's novel).

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