Bethany Walker aka Beth, is the prettiest girl in school and cheerleader who got detention for talking on her phone during a quiz, even though she finished it anyway.


Bethany was a snobby, self-centered, pretty blonde-haired girl whom like most teenagers, never seem to part ways with her cell phone. Bethany also sees to be obsessed with physical fitness and shape, even avoiding carbohydrates. Evidently while exploring the Bazaar in Jumanji, she started eating the baker's pound cake to regain her health, thinking that it's bread, expressing satisfaction since she apparently hasn't eaten bread since she was 9. But underneath all that, she’s just an insecure girl trying to figure out who she really is.

She is shown to be very intelligent, despite her personality as snobby and vain, including on having a standard when it comes to Alex Vreeke’s status as a missing kid who had been trapped inside Jumanji game for 20 years. She even made an unqualified rude remark about Spencer on her way to school and while he was talking to Old Man Vreeke. After becoming Shelly Oberon, she was left without her phone and had to learn to live without it as well as utilize her character's abilities to escape Jumanji. This also made her have to give up using her looks to get what she wanted and rely on other means.

After escaping the game, she has lost her snobbish and self-centered attitude she had at the beginning of the film and has adopted new interests, such as being outdoors and caring for others.


  • Bethany likes to text on her phone.
  • Being athletic and healthy.
  • By film's end, she is also interested in the great outdoors.


Bethany broke up with another high school football player, a fellow student named Noah. This was pointed out by her fellow student seen running next to Spencer at gym. Spencer suggested to him to go for her. It is currently unknown if she is dating anyone else or the interested student in question.




  • Despite her apparent disinterest and inexperience with video games, she's the only member of the group to be killed only once. She sacrificed her second life to save Alex.
  • Bethany's mother bore a resemblance to country singer Carrie Underwood.