Benjamin Sproul is a boy who played Jumanji in 1869 with his brother Caleb. Their role in the film is small but introduces the instance of what action players normally take when finishing Jumanji, if they even managed to win at all.


In 1869, Benjamin and his brother Caleb lived in Brantford. They discovered Jumanji and played the game. While the brothers eventually won Jumanji, the events left them terrified by what they had witnessed.

After winning Jumanji, Benjamin and Caleb buried the game near a mile marker for Brantford. While burying the game, Benjamin fell in the hole as Jumanji's drumbeats sounded and expressed fear that Jumanji was going to get him again. Caleb pulled Benjamin from the hole and insisted on finishing the job despite Benjamin's terror. After they finished burying the game, Benjamin asked his brother about what would happen if someone dug up the game, leading Caleb to tell him "then may God have mercy on their soul."

A hundred years later, their chest was discovered by Alan Parrish who was coaxed into finding it by hearing Jumanji's drums.


His surname was revealed in the 1995 film's novelisation.


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